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Average twenty-something Marissa Flores came to the Big Apple, like so many at her age, in search of something… grand.  But like so many of us, Marissa’s life has been a grind: tiny apartment; thankless job; and many nights of drunken embarrassment.  Nothing memorable.  Until one particular Tuesday…

Stepping into her office late and hungover, she finds everyone in a flurry of activity, and get’s pulled into her boss’s office in a haste, only to learn that the boring medical supply insurer that she thought she worked at is actually… A top secret weapons research lab, and as malevolent forces bear down on the facility to terminate it and steal its secrets, Marissa’s boss asks her to hide his most precious device on her person – in her person.  When Marissa refuses, Andrew gets physical, subduing Marissa to carry out his mission, which ultimately grants her new powers, but at a terrible cost…

Now the last surviving employee of her company, Marissa must stay on the run from underworld agents out to get her and remove her super-powered device, find out what’s going on, and try to keep a cover as a regular millenial in New York.

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